Reproductive Trauma: Essential Tools for Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Birth Trauma, and Perinatal Mental Health Disorders

Next Seminar scheduled for July 16, 2024

All clients have a reproductive story – whether they have children or not, whether they want children or not, regardless of their gender or sexuality.

And while for some that story goes as imagined, many clients go through the quiet devastation of any number of unanticipated traumas.

These stressors create unique mental health challenges that are different from what therapists were trained to treat. Infertility and pregnancy loss aren’t typical grief. Birth trauma isn’t typical trauma. Perinatal mood issues aren’t just depression and anxiety.

Unseen and unacknowledged, these traumas can shatter clients’ sense of self and shake the foundations of their intimate relationships.

Whether clients are presenting to your practice to work specifically on symptoms related to reproductive trauma – or whether reproductive trauma comes up as relevant in the context of other clinical work – you need to be prepared to help them navigate these complex struggles.

Join Janet Jaffe, PhD, co-founder and co-director of the Center for Reproductive Psychology and acclaimed clinician and author, for this dynamic 1-day seminar designed to help you:

  • Assess clients’ reproductive story and its impact on self and relationships
  • Utilize the latest approaches to treat reproductive trauma
  • Create opportunities for post-traumatic growth – whether clients eventually have children or not
  • Manage issues of therapist self-disclosure and countertransference

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Next Seminar scheduled for July 16, 2024